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Did you spend time on Matzuva as a Volunteer in the Ulpan? Were you born there? Were you a member?

If you were this site is for YOU!

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חברי מצובה,בני משק ואורחים מוזמנים להשאיר הודעה בלוח מודעות ולחתום   בספר האורחים




May 2017 

Dear Friends our former Ulpan Students and Volunteer Guests!

 Remember those days when you were all so young, beautiful and handsome basking in the sun and enjoying meeting each other as companions from around the world.

You helped the kibbutz working in agriculture, services and factories, met kibbutz families and played your part in experiencing this egalitarian society based on comradeship despite the occasional rockets and incursions from the northern Lebanese border and from the Mediterranean.  Those who attended the Ulpan worked\studied in the morning and then worked while other students studied in the afternoon after working in agriculture or other services during the morning hours or vice-versa.

 As the curator of the Matzuva Archives we do have copies of your application forms for Ulpan studies and also of many working guests from nearly every place on earth!     

My rough calculation regarding young volunteers and Ulpan students from abroad at Matzuva approaches the 5,000 mark from 1965 until the 1999.

Kibbutz Matzuva for many young adults from abroad was an eye opener to the kibbutz society a mixture of local Israelis and survivors from World War II Holocaust and also new immigrants.  The story of Matzuva is of a Jewish settlement situated within the area of the Tribe of Asher in biblical times and was mentioned in the Talmud " and these are the towns within the area of Tzur - Betzet and Pi Matzuva". 

 As you have may have read in kibbutzmatzuva.com (our website) we are now embarking on a project to fulfil the dream of the first child born at Matzuva in 1940 named Nitzan Reuven by setting up a replica of the initial kibbutz named Matzuva.  On that day on February 15 1940 66 pioneers crossed the northern road and settled on a bare hill strewn with rocks and boulders and some carob trees.  The hill had been purchased from a rich landowner from Beirut in Lebanon.  Initially there were only 3 huts and 4 bell tents there wasn't any water source and only in 1947 a well was drilled and water became available.       

We need your help! A $10+ donation or equivalent in U.K. sterling or Euro would go a long way to get the "Founder's Hill" Project underway close to the entrance to Matzuva.   This project is important for the kibbutz as it reveals the hardship and challenges of building a communal settlement in the ancient land of the Asher tribe mentioned in the both the Bible and the Talmud.   

Most of the founders came as young adults from Europe mainly from Germany and other eastern European countries sent by their parents to save them from the Nazis regime and the prevalence of anti-Semitism!  They worked in agriculture at other Jewish settlements until this uninhabited rocky hill was purchased from a wealthy Arab from Beirut in Lebanon. It was a few kilometers south of the town of Shlomi (then called Basa in Arabic).  This band of pioneers set up bell-tents along with a few huts.  Life was very difficult with the need to have a security wall around this new kibbutz and the first watch tower as there were unfriendly Palestinian Arabs in the area.  Matzuva was the third kibbutz in the area including Kibbutz Hanita and Kibbutz Eilon on the northern border.  Water and provisions had to be brought in from the town of Nahariya.                                                             

To reach Matzuva from Nahariya then meant driving on the coast road passing through the Basa village (Shlomi) in order to reach the fledgling kibbutz called Matzuva.     

The story of Kibbutz Matzuva is also your story and we see all of you as our friends of yesteryear with some who walk down memory lane and visit Matzuva along with their

wives/ husbands/ children. You will always be part of the Matzuva story and trust you will be a partner in the "Founder's Hill" Project.   The names of all donors will be displayed at the Founder's Hill opening ceremony and beyond.

 Below a donation should be addressed to:  Yael Mimon,  Accounts Dept,  Kibbutz Matzuva,  Western Galilee  2283500,  Israel


Or through our bankers: Bank Leumi -  Acre 2450110  Account Number: 197300/38 Kibbutz Matzuva

Sincerely yours,

  Baruch Kadmon


Kibbutz Matzuva was established in 1940 by members of the "Young Maccabi" Youth Movement from Germany and Czechoslovakia.

This nuclear group was reinforced by young persons from youth groups from Hungary who survived the Holocaust.

Plan of the proposed "Founders Hill"

 The Matzuva Community - Founders Hill will be open to the community who will be partners in the project with its own excellent educational & cultural institutions

 Israeli Tourists The site will be open to groups and individuals who will pay an entrance fee

 International Tourists The site will be open to individuals and groups from the Jewish Agency and other Zionist institutions who will pay an entrance fee.

Estimated Timescale - Completion of Planning and receipt of Permits

 Infrastructures - Constructing huts and gardens work to be implemented by the community.

 Placement of exhibits. - Running-in process and Timetable for commencing work up to opening of the facility 1 year